Congratulations Dowsers Unlimited

 We are happy to announce that Dowsers Unlimited has received the ” 2017 Outstanding Chapter of the Year Award.” To make this honor all the more sweeter, our President, Mary Pedi, has received the “2017 Leadership” award.

Article written by Mary Pedi upon request by ASD for The American Dowser Autumn 2017 edition

Dowsers Unlimited of Florida has the unique geographical position of being located in an active and thriving community of Central Florida. Our mission statement is, Opening Doors to Guidance and Knowledge. Come practice, share information and perfect your dowsing skills.  This ancient ability has been available to everyone and used since the beginning of recorded history.  Each month there will be a topic and speaker to expand your talents as a dowser.  Learn to find lost items, improve your health, grow healthier plants and keep your home free from non-beneficial energies. We are open to All Dowsers and Future Dowsers:  Working Closely with a Force for Good.” This has been our mantra from our very beginning, the brainstorm of our original board members and founder.

 Being an integral part of this unique community called The Villages, we have made valuable partnerships with other metaphysical entities, the most important being Unity Spiritual Center of North Central Florida, where we hold our monthly meetings, workshops and seminars. There are other partnerships that we are proud to be associated with: The Parapsychology Club, Energy Meditation, Spiritualist Church, and Fairy Dust Metaphysical Center outside of the Villages. Dowsers Unlimited meets outside of the Villages, so that we do not limit our membership to only those who reside in the Villages retirement community. In keeping true to our namesake, Dowsers Unlimited, we have been able to reach out to other age groups in and around the surrounding communities as far as Orlando, Sanford, Crystal River and Ocala. A very valuable asset to our growth and success are the efforts and energy of our board and its officers. The present board members have been intact for 5 years now, and our newest member to the board has been a participant for many years prior to his joining us. Each member brings to the board his or her own metaphysical history and skills, but more importantly they bring new ideas with a sincere desire to help others on their spiritual journey, beginning with learning the natural skill of dowsing. Dowsing 101, which was created and taught by the founder of our chapter and former president, Karen Durham, is now being taught each month at two locations, north campus and south campus. North campus is outside of the Villages in a community north of us where Karen teaches “Spiritual Dowsing.” South campus is inside The Villages where Dowsing 101 is taught by Kathy Hawkins our vice president. Dee Babel is the liaison between us and Unity Spiritual Center, Susan Padgett, secretary, provides our December meetings with “The Healing Power of Sound,” which are crystal bowl concerts, and our newest member, Art Bjork is bringing to us new speakers with whom he has worked with for many years.

You may ask:”How do people find out about Dowsers Unlimited?” That is where our partnerships come into play. Unity Spiritual Center and the metaphysical entities announce our meetings and speakers to their participants, and both Karen and myself have spoken to these groups to introduce and to demonstrate dowsing techniques. The other members and officers of our board are active each year in teaching at one of our monthly meetings, developing their own lesson to teach, that emphasizes the many valuable uses of dowsing. Dowsers Unlimited also participates at Psychic Fairs, which brings us many new participants. We like to think our meetings are very exciting and the enthusiastic feedback we receive always begins with “I learned so much tonight!” Our big name speakers, as we call them, come to us from the family of dowsers who we have come in contact with at the annual ASD conventions. Each meeting is considered a learning experience and our speakers develop their presentations to meet the needs of our group, bringing to them knowledge not available anywhere else in the Villages. Some interesting examples of topics presented are: The Emotion Code, Water…..the Ultimate Healer, Sandee Mac, Scientific Radiasthesia, The Higher Harmonics of Gold, Ultraviolet and Negative Green, Adhi Two Owls, Connecting with Aspects of Self through Dowsing, Spiritual Detox, Christina Lynn Whited, The Harmonics of Healing, Darryl Brann, The Shadow Self, Lynn Walker, Mediumship: Connecting with Passed Family, Malcolm Speirs, and Raymon Grace’s Three Day Seminar Empowering Self with Dowsing. We also introduce to our members, Florida metaphysical talent who are also dowsers. Some examples of their topics are: Opening Your Third Eye, Metaphysical Properties of Crystals, Shamanism and Dowsing . Our meetings consist of participants with dowsing skills and those with non dowsing skills. This is where our board members go into action; they circulate through the audience, some of which have been 100 or more, to assist the participants who need assistance with the meeting’s offering. We would like our participants to leave our meetings with something also in hand. Each meeting is interactive, where the participants with the help of the board practices a new dowsing technique, and or exercise. These dowsing protocols are designed for the participants to incorporate into their everyday lives. In addition we offer workshops brought to us by our long distance presenters with one day or two day seminars such as Emotional Resolution, Changing Core Beliefs, Working With the Chakras, Alternative Healing Techniques and more.

The format for our meetings has served us well, which helps us to bring people back to future meetings. Karen’s brainstorm of “Bring a friend, receive a free pass to a future meeting” is very successful; and “Yes/No Dowsing,” free instruction for 15 minutes before the meeting begins, affords the non-dowser with an opportunity to experiment with the dowsing technique. One of our board members, Barbara Runion is the proponent of our protocol “success stories” where a member of the audience or one of the board members explains a successful dowsing story. We are especially proud of our little, metaphysical, products store which carries pendulums, L-rods, bobbers, and books by Master Dowsers such as Raymon Grace, Susan Collins and Christina Lynn Whited. Anyone who is an ASD member receives a 10% discount at the door and at our store. At Each meeting, we read a channeling from Cristina’s book Meditations with Mary along with a meditative and relaxing exercise called “Being in the Moment.” This is a meeting favorite. Our store also carries other dowsing books which are very popular: The Pendulum Book, Pendulum Magic, Dowsing Beyond Duality and MY Husband Has ADD and the Miraculous Discovery that Changed our Life. This book is a memoir, written by one of our members, Linda Rosenbaum, who did not have an ending for her book until she came to a Dowsers Unlimited meeting. Today her husband is free from the symptoms of ADD, and he himself practices dowsing to control this condition. Our treasurer, Tony Pedi, runs our store and beautifully displays the many metaphysical items in addition to the above books. The store carries transmuting energy products, sacred geometry objects, tools of the dowser, and Tony helps to educate the curious in their decision on which products would be beneficial to them. The month of February is our anniversary month and an opportunity for us to thank our membership for their support. Each February our participants receive a gift chosen by the board. This past February’s gift was a Metatron cube accompanied with an explanation by Christina for its origin and its use.

 Each month we send out a newsletter to over 600 people, and this subscriber list has been growing since 2011. Each month through a newsletter service, we send out two newsletters, introducing our speaker with a photo, biography and description of his or her presentation focus. Other pertinent information is included in the newsletter: the protocol for the meeting, directions, time and place, upcoming events of ASD and links to ASD, upcoming monthly speakers, classes, workshops and seminars that we provide to the community, contact information to reach us and a link to our website, which has many informational pages about dowsing.

We at Dowsers Unlimited would like to thank ASD and its committee for the two awards that have been bestowed upon us: Outstanding Chapter and Outstanding Chapter Leadership. We would like to also thank those anonymous writers who recommended Dowsers Unlimited and myself for such wonderful honors. Namaste, Mary Pedi