Raymon’s Affirmations to use with Glass of Energized water for “Changing Beliefs”

Each of Raymon’s suggested affirmations are packed with necessary information for Changing Beliefs. Please use “Energized” water that Raymon makes. Do not use tap water, unless you place a drop of your energized water into it.

If you did not attend the meeting, check out Raymon’s DVD on “Energizing Water” for your own personal use.  http://www.raymongrace.us/products.html

Use the following affirmations and your own with the handout received at the May 16, 2016 Meeting



  1. I create an energy field around me that transforms all non-beneficial energy sent to me into the most appropriate energy needed at the time.

  2. My body absorbs appropriate nutrients of all food and drink that I consume. I maintain my ideal size and weight.

  3. I am aware of all attempts to adversely manipulate my mind. My mind rejects all harmful subliminal messages.

  4. I attract to me people, events and energy to enhance prosperity and fun. I deserve prosperity and fun. ( fun can be: joy, happiness, love)

  5. I repel all people and energies that are detrimental to me.

  6. For those of you who were affected by the sound from the May 16, 2018, meeting, please click on the following link and watch this you tube. It is Raymon explaining his views on water and why. Make sure the video starts from the beginning.

  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tX4Lnlx7wpI&t=1030s