American Society of Dowsers Convention 2018

ASD’s 58th Annual Convention

Join the Festivities and meet master dowsers from all over the United States and around the world. Your national organization is dedicated to the art and science of dowsing.

WHERE: SUNY, New Paltz, NY
WHEN: June 13-18, 2018

Come and participate in our workshops and schools to learn dowsing and open your world to what dowsing can do for you. With up to 40 speakers on many infomative topics you will find many ways to deepen your journey.

Topics may include locating water, radionics and radiesthesia, chakras, ghosts, herbs, karma, shamanism, essences, orbs, device-less dowsing, ESP, parapsychology, past lives, meditation, wellness, “magic,” numerology, ancient mysteries, sacred sites, spirituality, alternative healing modalities, and more….

Dowsers Unlimited is a Chapter of the American Society of Dowers