Bovis Life Force (CHI) Bioenergy Units and Dowsing Chart

This graphic is a small Bovis Scale Chart for Dowsing.

  • The chart measures radiating vitality and energy (life force, Chi) of various things in life.

  • Smallest particles of light are communicating with each other forming coherent wave patterns.

  • Dr. Bovis and Dr. Brunler classified them as “vital rays” in foods, drinks, living rooms, plants, water, human body and more.

  • You can check the vitality of your body too, something Raymon Grace taught us to do every day.

  • In the 1930’s the human body was considered to be healthy at 6,300-6,800 Bovis Units (BEH)..

  • Today, the human energy level needs to be at 30,000.

  • In May of 2018 at the Skype meeting, our attendees resonated at 22,000, Raymon proceeded to raise the group’s level to 44,000.

With your pendulum in the neutral position with a slight up and down motion at the middle bottom opening in the chart, hold your other hand against the center of your chest.
Allow the pendulum to swing to the Bovis Unit that represents your body’s vitality.
Now, to raise your energy with a Clockwise spin ask your Dowsing System or spiritual realm to raise your vitality and energy for your highest and best good. Thank You.

General Bovis Values
1,000 – rotten or radioactively contaminated food, mold, asbestos
2,000 – sweetened foods, saturated fats, chemical solvents
3,000 – lead, aluminum, body care products with synthetic additives
4,000 – fat cheese, fried potatoes, mercury, coke, preserved vegetables
5,000 – iron, homogenized milk, tap water
6,000 – cottage cheese, yogurt, cream
6,300-6,800 – fresh vegetables, fresh milk, boiled potatoes, green lettuce, apple, pear, cherry, shitake mushrooms, wine, beer, fresh brass, silver, wood, clay, cotton, wool
7,000-8,000 – rice, linseed oil, safflower oil, blackberries, raspberries, pineapple, leather
9,000 – crystal rock, silk, lemon, Himalayan salt, spirulina algae, reishe mushroom
11,000 – spring water, living water
12,000 – religious building, Sacred Geometry
28,000 – Cheops pyramid (King’s Chamber)

What else can I do with this chart?
Very important: You can measure the vitality of your drinking water.
You can measure the vitality of your supplements, hair products, personal care products.
You can measure the vitality of your raw and cooked food.