Definitions of Terms from Christina’s talk “Connecting with Aspects of Self”

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Creator, The Source, The Mind of All That Is

Urn of The Spirit:  The spark of life from Creator that remembers our connection to God which eventually becomes The Urn of the Spirit, a metaphor for the vessel of all your life energy and spiritual energy.

Over Soul: The Over Soul is like a capacitor and or transformer, allowing only the amount of God Energy through, transmitted to the High Self that the soul can handle at that particular time in its development. It increases the energy for certain aspects as needed, but the Over soul remains in control of the energy.

Higher Self: The High Self directs the spiritual and intellectual activity, the karmic experiences.

Individual Consciousness: Our focus of who we are today.

What is the purpose of incarnation?

“The point of incarnating is to learn as much as we can through the course of various incarnations. For each positive attribute, the other side of the coin is experienced as well, the negative impact of action. We generally participate in ‘educational experiences’ from the viewpoint of the Victim, the Perpetrator, and or the Observer. By learning from each viewpoint, we create greater understanding within ourselves. We are a part of God that is experiencing something new, expanding horizons of All That Is, and thus bringing greater understanding and compassion to the human experience.”

Christina Lynn Whited