A Dowsers’ Success Story

Great story to share… about “surrounding your car every day with the PROTECTIVE white light of God”……………………………………..

On the way to the dowsing club meeting I stopped at a store to do a quick errand. When leaving –got behind a car ready to go out from the parking lot onto the roadway. Suddenly that driver started backing up… (for no obvious reason).  l quickly tooted my horn as loudly as I could–but he continued to back-up even as I continued to toot–and then he smashed pretty hard into the front of my car. All this took place in seconds. As I was getting out of my car I was muttering that the “white light” I asked for surely was not working today–and was so annoyed. But then I looked at my car–and the other guy’s car……and guess what?  There was not a single scratch or dent on either car!!

I asked if the driver heard my horn. He said no- as did his wife also . Then a woman came up and gave me her name and number -as she saw/heard the whole thing -and said if damaged, I would need a witness–as the car in the rear is usually at fault. The driver and his wife said they are both disabled–he mentioned he has seizures–and she can barely walk–nice people…very apologetic—but he should definitely not be driving. He can’t hear a horn and never looked behind when backing up!  He said he would pay for any damages, and he looked carefully to make sure all was really OK—and it was. I think we were both surprised at that.

God’s protective white light–worked like a shield!

I will get someone “in the know”–to check under the hood–but am sure nothing is wrong. Then off I went to the meeting, and was only 5  minutes late. So— don’t leave home without asking for God’s white light of protection for your car—and for all passengers with-in!  (Just say the words out-loud–no pendulum needed.)

Linda Rosenbaum    April 19, 2017

FYI: Linda is the author of the personal memoir, My Husband Has Add and the Miraculous Discovery That Changed Our Life.

Hint: The discovery is Dowsing. Please visit Linda’s website for more information about her incredible ability and protocol.