Dowsing Exercise

Simple Dowsing Exercises

Activities increase and choices increase as we approach the holidays. How about using some dowsing to experiment with….making choices.

Let’s start with two simple questions.

  1. “Is there someone at ________________that is important for me to meet that otherwise I would not meet?”
  2. “Will taking this class___________benefit me?”

Now try finding how you are aligned with these events.
Yes and No answers at times need other qualifiers.

Try this as an experiment for easy practice and also as an opportunity to test the results, no matter what you have chosen to do. Helpful dowsing charts below.

  1. “On a scale of 1-10 show me the benefit level of___________with 1 being of very little benefit and 10 being of high benefit?”
  2. “What percent am I aligned with ______________event, class, etc.”