Learn to Dowse: Dowsing 101

Taught by Kathy Hawkins
Email or call to make reservations
khaw7295@aol.com    352-259-6273  Cost is $25.00

 Dowsing can be used and assist in every aspect of your life; what plants to buy, what diet is best for you, answers to health issues, the honesty of people working in your home and more.

Pendulums will be available for $5.00
Taught by Kathy Hawkins in her home
2756 Persimmon Loop (Duval)

The class includes the following

Find unknown information through the use of a pendulum

Pendulums will be available for purchase $5.00

Discussion of dowsing tools

Starting with asking yes/no questions

How to ask questions

How to use a dowsing chart

How to buy product, comparing products

How to determine percentages

To what degree is this product going to improve my health

How to dowse multiple items

Scrambling frequencies of undesirable energies.