Let’s Practice Chart Dowsing

Percentage Dowsing Chart

    Neutral Position


We all love our pets and want to choose the best products for their well-being.

Using the above chart, let’s test on a percentage scale the best products for our pets, due to the current level of toxins found in some imported products.

Bring yourself into a relaxed, dowsing mode and state or think your intention. Hold your pendulum at the neutral position notch at the bottom center spot of the above chart, and slightly initiate a forward and backward movement.

Let’s ask the following questions to practice chart dowsing. You may already have chosen the best products from your own experience, so this is also a good way to check the accuracy of your dowsing with a chart. After you ask the question, the pendulum should swing gradually to the left or gradually to the right and eventually stop at the percentage.

1. How beneficial is it to buy this food (name the food) for the health of the body of ______________(name pet) now?

2. How safe is this food at this time for the health of the body of_______________(name of pet)?

3. How safe is this toy, treat, harness, bedding for the health of the body of_____________(name pet)?

4. How healthy is the sleeping or kennel area for the health of the body of ________________(name pet)?

5. How healthy is this animal for adopting?

6. Is this animal a good fit for my family?