Pure-Light Super Oxygen Technology Air Purifier

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Place this light bulb anywhere in your home to clear the air of unwanted bacteria, pathogens and odors. Our folks have used these bulbs in their kitchens to remove odors from cooking , in bedrooms before sleeping and upon arising, dens (while watching television) and bathrooms after showering or bathing to make sure no mold or mildew arises.

Latest News Regarding Pure Light Technology

CLEVELAND CLINIC is  the 3rd largest hospital company in the world ($9bn) with over 250 hospitals and clinics around the world! They will be testing Pure-Light products to be placed in their hospitals to control superbug  pathogens that have been a problem with Hospital Acquired Infections.

Cleveland Clinic is ranked #2 for patient care in the US!  Pure-Light Executives have spent a day with many of the clinic’s executive staff and department heads, discussing the science and technology of Pure-Light. Their interest is extremely high.

In addition, Pure-Light has begun testing the control of Listeria, and new products will be introduced.

Guaranteed to last 5 years. Some tests show up to 13 years possible.  Eliminate germs, pathogens, mold and odors from your home. See representation below.