Raymon Grace Energize Water Technique


Raymon has taught his technique to thousands in the United States and around the world. Many of Dowsers Unlimited Board of Directors have learned these techniques directly from Raymon. He will also revisit his Water Energizing technique for your continued health and well-being. Many of your board members have been using his energy water since 2011.

Raymon’s foundation is dedicated to solving the water issues in our world. We highly recommend his book, Techniques That Work for Me, for all dowsers, that contain other dowsing exercises that we at Dowsers Unlimited incorporate into our daily lives. We carry Raymon’s books at our book store.

Energize Your Water

Initiate moving your pendulum in a counter clockwise swing to scramble the frequency by saying:

“Scramble the frequency of all chemical, biological and radiological pollutants, and the frequency of all negative memories in the water and adjust to the frequency of pure water. ” When pendulum stops continue saying:

CCW “Neutralize all curses on the water and land.”

Now initiate moving your pendulum in a clockwise motion and say:

“Transform all negative thought forms into pure water.”

Next, ask for a yes or no answer to the following question: “Does this bottle of water have the “Spirit of Water?” If no, do next step.

Initiate pendulum swing in a counter clockwise direction, “Neutralize the spirit of parasites or other creatures, deactivate their life force and scramble their frequency to the frequency of pure water.”

Invite the “Spirit of Water.” Swing clockwise, “Spirit of water please enter this bottle of water and raise the energy of the water to the highest appropriate level.”

Important last step: Swing Clockwise, “Put the intent into the water that it will energize all water it comes in contact with.”

We will carry this book in our little book store, along with Raymon’s other two books.