About Dowsers Unlimited

Dowsers Unlimited is a chapter of the American Society of Dowsers. We are located in The Villages, Florida, a beautiful and lively retirement community about an hour from Orlando. We meet the third Wednesday of the month from 4-5:30 PM at Wildwood Tri-City American Legion Post 18, located at 401 E Gulf Atlantic Hwy, Wildwood, FL, 34785 State Road 44.

Dowsers Unlimited was founded February 2011 by Karen Durham and 7 other Dowsers from The Villages to bring the benefits of its methodology to Central Florida. The original 8 were Karen Durham (Former President), Dee Babel, Glenn and Dee Bratz, John Heigl, Nancy Lopez, Tony Pedi (Treasurer) and Mary Pedi (Former President, Newsletter and Website).

Each month a new speaker presents and discusses topics as follows: moving energy with dowsing, metaphysical philosophy, spirituality, and new scientific discoveries for one’s well-being and for one’s highest and best good. Many of our speakers are authors and pioneers of their own protocols for spiritual attainment.

 Usually folks start arriving at 3:45 to visit our store and participate in a 15 minute free yes/no dowsing instruction.

We are a chapter of ASD, the American Society of Dowers, a National Dowsers organization. Become a member of ASD and receive discounts on books, conventions and more at their website www.dowsers.org 

You will also receive an admissions discount at the meeting by being an active ASD member. Just show us your membership card.