Sandee Mac Workshops for October 2017


 Dowsing for Abundance:

                    Thursday, October 19, 9:30-5:30 @ Unity Spiritual Center

Ever feel like you’ve been stuck or held back in manifesting your financial abundance? Perhaps you’re just resigned to a lower level of earning ability. Maybe you’ve tried hard, but never broke through your glass ceiling. It can be SO frustrating….even HEARTBREAKING!

In this exciting hands-on workshop, you WILL make some powerful changes to remove those blocks to financial abundance. You’ll evaluate your specific goals and how much of your energy is focused on lack, abundance or being stagnant? Then we’ll use some powerful transformative tools to make dramatic changes. Perhaps the blocks are from

      A limiting Core Belief (like don’t deserve?)                  An Allergy (like to gold or cash!)  

         Past Life Karma (like abuse of $$)                                Trapped Emotion ( like fear or guilt)                  

                                                              Inherited from an Ancestor (long ago)

You’ll leave here with a WEALTH of information, tools & changes to manifest your financial goals & finest dreams. DO NOT miss it!   

                            Finding Your Wild Woman and Turning Her Loose!

                                    Friday, October 20 @ Unity, 9:30-5:30

Our Mothers were tasked with the Sacred Duty & Responsibility to introduce us to our Power as women, where it’s located, how to use it, protect it & then to pass it on. As it is, in most cases our mothers were never taught or were badly wounded, lied to, sold out, or never even knew themselves!

This MUST be recovered, repaired, restored, & refined, or we can never move along to the next level we all are working so diligently toward. This Powerful workshop is for women only & in this amazing day we will ALL go back, recover our Birthright of Power & Intuition…..and learn the skills, tasks, specific steps to access and wield our power with Elegance, & Impeccability.

We didn’t get this in school, in church, from TV, the government or in the back seat of some boy’s car, but we can’t continue to do our planetary & personal healing work while we’re so wounded. We deserve it, we need to empower others, & to pass it on.

Don’t miss this one time opportunity to find, embrace, & let loose your own “wild Woman” Then watch out, & watch your world change!

                      Energy Wounds and Embedded Objects Tuesday, October 24

         Please Note: This workshop is at 2065 Hartford Path, The Villages,

                                               At Karen’s House, 9:30-5:30

When we burn, cut, or injure our physical bodies, it also creates damage in the layers of our Aura or Subtle Bodies. Remarkably these imprints are carried from one incarnation to another as perhaps part of soul memory. It could be an arrowhead, leg irons, or a sword imbedded in us. We may have had a past life in which we were stoned to death, crushed by a wagon wheel, or even attacked by a vicious animal! Paradoxically we seem to have a weakness in these areas and may continue to re-injure ourselves there again & again this lifetime. When these objects are extracted & the wounds healed (in just moments!) it accelerates & sometimes completely heals the problem now.

Using an original method designed from Shamanism, dowsing, NLP, Past Life release work and other modalities, Sandee will demonstrate, and then teach us how to identify, clear, & heal these invisible, yet critical areas. As you develop the confidence & skill of hands-on practice with each other, you will easily be able to then use this with your own clients & loved ones.

Designed for massage therapists, healers, energy workers, & other practioners, this is appropriate for anyone who wants more skills for helping & healing. It is the often missing link to pain relief and health.

 If possible, please bring a quartz crystal point, & massage tables or mats to work on if available.

Cost: All three workshops: $275.00

Individual Workshop Cost: $125.00 at the door     Pre Payment  $97.00

Contact: Karen Durham  352-753-0622

SANDEE MAC………………….….….….(505) 577-5775 (Visa/MC)

 Limited availability for Private  Sessions with Sandee : Contact Karen 352-753-0622