Self Healing Meditation from June 20 Meeting

Self Healing Exercises
Provided by: Ozark Research Institute

Visualizations, Meditation and Affirmations are powerful tools that have been found to be very effective in creating beneficial transformations in our lives, mind, body and spirit. Each helps us identify and focus on a positive outcome, thereby more easily making it a reality.

Practice one or more of these exercises daily to aid in your healing journey.
(The wording in these exercises can easily be changed, in order to send healing energy to your loved ones)

Self Healing Meditation
1. Prepare Yourself for Healing
Find a space where you will not be disturbed. Turn off your phone, radio and television. Be very still and quiet, close your eyes. Concentrate on your breathing. Take 10 long, slow, deep breaths. Bring up the strongest feeling of love you can and just bath yourself in the feeling for a few minutes.

2. Visualize Light from the Source
Relax and imagine a great focused beam of white light shining down from the heavens to earth. The light is exactly large enough to cover your entire body. Place yourself in the center of that light.

3. Allow the Light to Cleanse
Now with the power of your intent and imagination, see the light penetrating your body from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. See the light penetrating every cell of your body.

Imagine that when you are in the light all imbalances are balanced, and every area of disease, illness, or imperfection is cleansed by the light.

All that is not in perfect order is flushed from your body and released energetically through your feet into the earth, where it is recycled into perfect energy. See or imagine this happening.

4. Give Thanks
Ask for the clearest blessing from your complete healing at this time, for your highest and best good for you and for all involved in your life. Ask for the most love-centered outcome possible at this time, give thanks and release the image and the meditation. Let it go.

Affirmation for Self Healing
I call upon all that is good, all that is peaceful and all that is right, to surround me completely with white light, love, and perfect health.
I call upon all that is holy to be in my head, in my heart, to my left, and to my right, and that angels surround me completely.

Visualization for Self Healing
As you go to bed each night before falling asleep, see yourself as you would like to be. See this image in the present tense, as if it’s already happened.
See yourself with a huge smile on your face, feeling great, absolutely filled with joy. Your emotion is very important, so bring it forth. You are completely filled with joy and it feels great!

When you are finished give thanks, as if your request has already been granted. Your mantra might be: I am thankful for all the joy and happiness in my life. I am blessed and thankful for my perfect health and awesome vitality. (Use the words and phrases that are most powerful to you, always in the present tense, always now.)


Self Protection Visualization
Imagine that you are inside a beautiful bubble of rainbow light. You have the ability to send love and healing easily to those in need, but the rainbow bubble has a protective layer that does not allow anything or anyone that is not in your highest and best good to come through. You are protected by love and positive energy, and anything negative bounces off the bubble. This protective bubble is always present, always protecting, always nurturing and healing.

To learn more about these techniques for health and well-being, consider becoming a member and plan on attending one of our five-day intensive schools in the beautiful Ozark Mountains!

Breathing Exercise to Relieve Stress

Breath in for a silent count of Nine.
Hold the breath for a silent count of Four.
Exhale the breathe to a silent count of Nine and remain in the breathless state for a silent count of Four.

During this breathing exercise give your full attention to the breath and think of nothing else except the breath. This brings one into the present moment where there is no stress. It also calms the breathing, helping to reduce stress.

[Contributed by Daniel Condron, D.M., D.D., M.S.,]