The Light Invocation: Expand Your Energy Field

I Am Light and Love

The Light Invocation” is a simple prayer which balances and helps your energy field to increase. Constant repeating of this prayer causes a continuous expansion of your energy field. Use the invocation also for a protective shield against non-beneficial energy.

I Invoke the Light of God
I AM a clear and perfect channel
Light is my guide (repeat 3 times)

Broadcast/Send this Invocation to others with the use of dowsing tools.

First, Let’s start with being in a state of awareness.

The Power of Awareness. Place your feet on the floor and breathe to relax yourself from any interferences of the day. Make your thought (intention) and emotion (love) one in your heart. Feel the love of who you are and send it out into the field of all there is. Be totally immersed in the feeling. Continue to breathe naturally. You are creating the feeling that creates the electrical and magnetic waves going out into the field that will return back to you. 

When you have finished enjoying being immersed in the Love and Light, you are ready to broadcast.

Feel free to also use this for meditation. 

With a pendulum or bobber Initiate a swing in a clockwise motion/spin with your intention (love and who you want to send it to) and say inwardly the Light Invocation multiple times until the pendulum or bobber stops spinning. When pendulum or bobber stops and if you need verification, check if the invocation has been successfully broadcast.

Ask your pendulum, higher self: “Have I successfully broadcast the Light Invocation?” or “I Am successful in broadcasting the Light Invocation.”

The “Light Invocation” came from Light Worker Dael Walker, which I have used for many years. Now, let’s do something with it. Let’s send/broadcast its goodness to someone else with the above simple dowsing technique. (Mary P.)