Upcoming Speakers for Monthly Meetings

No July Meeting

Meeting, Wednesday, June 19, 4-5:30 PM
Wildwood Tri-City American Legion Post 18
401 E Atlantic Highway
State Road 44, Wildwood, Florida 34785

Techniques That Work for Me

If you happen to be one of the folks who has taken Raymon Grace’s 3 day workshop, the three times in the past that he has presented at Dowsers Unlimited, you were exposed to the Master at work and the innate teacher imparting years and years of knowledge, experience and positive influence in the United States and around the world.
If not, our next meeting will focus on Raymon’s techniques, starting with a 45 minute DVD from the Southeastern Conference in 2015 and then a sampling of Raymon’s tried and true dowsing techniques that have been used for many years by new and experienced dowsers.

Meeting Love Offering is $5. You will receive one of Tony’s newly stocked $5 pendulums from the store for meeting use and to take home for your continued dowsing experience.
American Society of Dowsers Members $4