Upcoming Speakers for Monthly Meetings

No Meeting in July
Happy 4th, Independence Day


Next Meeting Wednesday, August 15, 4PM @ Unity
Reverend Rae Moonwind
“The 7 Rays


                     New Shungite Products will be available at our August Meeting: Cellphone Shungite Stickers,

                      Shungite bracelets, Large Elite Shungite Pendants, Large Circular and Oval Type 2 Pendants.


At your request new pages of information were placed on this  website

“Self Healing Meditation from June 20 Meeting”
“Message from Raymon Global Call for Creative Thinking”
“Are you EMF Sensitive”


To summarize Tony’s, June Shungite Presentation and live demonstrations, we could say

Shungite is For Well Being.

All the Russian studies on using Shungite for therapeutic purposes have demonstrated its effectiveness and its ability in stimulating immune system defenses and in reactivating healing processes. From a nonmedical point of view, we are interested in applying Shungite to the domain of well-being. In its natural state and in whatever form it may be, this mineral displays no negative effect whatever. It is therefore ideal for usage without precise therapeutic control. However, as with any solution linked to well being, the use of Shungite never replaces the advice of a medical doctor when faced with any specific pathology. The advantage to the use of Shungite is that it is never in conflict with other therapies, even those that depend on medication, because it acts on the base of our energetic body and supports all efforts taken to reestablish balance and health. (Tony Pedi)


Upcoming Speakers

August 15, Rev. Rae Moonwind “The 7 Rays”

September 19, Sandee Mac

October 17,  JoEllen Blue “How to Protect Yourself and Home from Non Beneficial Energies” mini course in Community Room

November 21, Will Fellows, “Templar Knights”

December 19, Susan Padgett, “Crystal Bowl Concert”

January 16,  2019, Jimmy Mack, “Deep Sea Fishing Healing”

February 20, 2019, Will Fellows, “The Year 2019 Astrological Interpretations”