Upcoming Speakers for Monthly Meetings

Dowsers Unlimited March 20 Meeting 

Two years in the making to bring Lynn and Malcolm from Montreal, Canada. We have been waiting for their return to Dowsers Unlimited to receive the benefits of their healing and spiritual gifts.
Lynn Walker: Miraculous Healer, Teacher, Ordained Minister

  • Accomplished healer with 20 years experience

  • Certified Member of National Federation of Healers of America

  • Instrumental in Miraculous Healings

  • Lynn’s teachings and healings are well known in both Canada and U.S.

  • Founder and director of Wholistic Sanctuary of Special Awareness

  • 30 years Nursing Experience

  • Ordained Spiritual Minister with the International Temple of Spiritual Revelations in Montreal

  • Ordained in the Order of Melchizedek

Malcolm Speirs: Psychic/Medium
This month’s meeting’s focus will be inspirational, interactive, and demonstrative.

Meeting topic: “Your Thoughts and Perceptions Control Whether You are in Heaven or Hell”

Malcolm will demonstrate how to use dowsing to find out which negative thoughts are controlling and stopping our progress, keeping us immobilized in the same holding pattern. He will also demonstrate his psychic skills and introduce Lynn who will explain and demonstrate her healing technique that she has helped many with for over 20 years called Body Alignment.

Malcolm realized from a very young age he had been gifted with a seeing and knowing ability which is known as Mediumship. Malcolm has helped many of our Dowsers with his gift and readings. Malcolm specializes in medium ship/ contacting passed family members and also releasing childhood emotional blocks.

Lynn and Malcolm will conduct Private Sessions: 1/2 hour and 1 hour

Thursday, 3/21, Friday, 3/22 at Mary Pedi’s home: Contact: 352-259-3465 or amillarepa@aol.com

Lynn’s healing specialties are: Full Body Alignment and Soul Clearing.
Malcolm’s specialties are: Psychic Readings, contacting passed loved ones, and Emotional Release.

March 20 Meeting Information

Lynn and Malcolm are International speakers, traveling a long distance to be with us thus: Love Offering $5 and Love Offering $4 for ASD Members

Yes/No Dowsing with Karen Durham 3:45.

Meet Karen the founder of Dowsers Unlimited and Experienced Dowser for over 30 years.