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 Sandee Mac Comes to The Villages

Dowsers Unlimited Meeting, Wednesday, October 18, 2017, 4 PM

Sandee has been researching, and teaching dowsing since the 70’s. She has an extensive background rich in training from leading-edge practices as well as techniques sourced in ancient wisdoms and indigenous traditions. She has been presenting for over 20 years, with a huge array of metaphysical topics being certified, trained, or initiated in over 70 different modalities.

Sandee has traveled  the world, gathering and seeking knowledge of healing systems in Peru, China, Tibet, Greece and Africa, refining her skills with the purpose of offering hope for the suffering. Sandee has received direct Shamanic initiation from the Elders of the Quero Indians…considered to be the last remaining descents & keepers of the spiritual secrets of the Ancient Incas. Her original background in mental health expanded to include extensive trainings in Emotion Code Feng Shui, Past Life Regression, Hypnosis, Dowsing, Peruvian Inca Shamanism, NLP, Positive Psychic Protection, Silva Method, hands-on healing, and so much more.

In past years, Sandee has brought to us Source Energy Medicine, The Emotion Code and this year  Dowsing for Crisis Elimination with a connection to DNA in the Sands of Time.

The author of DNA has given Sandee the exclusive rights to his book, knowing she would keep true to this knowledge from The Akashic Records. 

In addition, Sandee will be teaching three full day workshops: ” Dowsing for Abundance” “Finding Your Wild Woman and Turning Her Loose” for women only and “Energy Wounds and Embedded Objects.” See page title Sandee Mac Workshops 2017. 


 3:45  Yes/No Dowsing
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        Please check out this Excellent 5 minute You Tube video about Sandee Mac.




November 15, David Winfree:

The focus of David’s work is to teach, guide and be a transmission point of spiritual blessings and transforming energy as human consciousness is rising to a higher level. The transformation should proceed smoothly as humanity becomes fully aware of intrinsic overarching, underlying, and all-encompassing unity that pervades all life and consciousness. The essential truth is that we are all inseparable aspects of a greater whole and inseparable aspects of each other. All of which is based on David’s Clairvoyant Insights & Teachings and authored book, The Evolution of the Human Energy Field and Humanity’s Ultimate Destiny.