Upcoming Speakers for Monthly Meetings

Reverend Rae Moonwind
Wednesday, October 16, 4-5:30 PM

5D or Bust: Help us Angels!

We are Ascending!

Rev. Rae is going to talk about the experience of Ascending into 5D at this time. People everywhere are experiencing loss of long standing relationships, shifts in income, health crisis or sudden healing. The Ascension is happening right now, and we need some team support.
Let’s talk about what that means and how to get it.”

Rev. Rae Moonwind is a Psychic Medium, Intuitive Healer,
Reiki Master-Teacher, and a certified Life Coach/Past Life Regression Therapist. She Channels the Ascended Masters and Arch Angels as a collective.
Rae considers herself an angel advocate. She will assist you in learning to work with your guides to increase your health, prosperity and happiness. Rae’s desire is to empower people to discover their own ability to heal themselves through angelic assistance.
Website: www.raemoonwind.com Phone: 386-848-7119

Meeting Information
3:45 Yes/No Dowsing Free Instruction Before Meeting by Karen
Entry $3
$2 for American Society of Dowsers Member


Upcoming Meetings for 2019

November 20, 12-5 PM Holiday Faire 

“We are inviting people to volunteer as vendors for the November Holiday Faire? We are particularly looking for food vendors.” Contact Susan Padgett:  dowsersunlimited@gmail.com

December 18, Karen Durham: Clearing Spaces


Entry $3   

$2 for American Society of Dowsers