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Dowsers Unlimited First Holiday Faire
Wednesday, November 20, 12-5 PM

Wildwood Tri-City American Legion Post 18
401 E Atlantic Highway
State Road 44, Wildwood, Florida 34785
Directions on this Website

Sign-up for Reading at 11:30 AM.

All readings begin at 12:00 PM


Inna Goerisch:  originally from Russia and has been doing readings for over 40 years. She will be giving Russian readings using regular playing cards. 

Marilyn Jenquin: Founder and Director of the International Foundation for Spiritual Knowledge, British Style Evidential Mediumship readings, bringing in someone from the spirit world you know and give you a brief message. http://www.ifsk.org

Rev. Dr. Dikki-Jo Mullen: an internationally noted Astrologer and spiritual counselor,  author of seven books.  Dikki-Jo  will be providing Psychic Tarot and Palmistry readings.


Bobbie Roberts: has been reading professionally for over 40 years, serving groups in both the US and Canada. 

Kay Sasser:  16 years experience as a working medium with extensive training in US and England. She uses the Inner Child Cards and your reading will be the result of where spirit takes her.



Rebecca Blair and Idania Alvarez:  Rock ‘n Glass in Gainesville, one-of-a-kind decorator pieces and carvings (including animal totems, angels, skulls, hearts, palm stones, worry stones, and tumbled stones). All are created from the highest quality stones and crystals. 

Ina Anderson: Essential oils.  Ina began to study their uses for both physical and emotional health.  Now she teaches classes, provides private consultations and attends events that allow her to share information with groups and individuals.

Robert Austin: Robert has spent a lifetime of working as a corporate chef, but has now swapped his mixing bowls for Crystal and Tibetan bowls and has become a sound healer. http://crystalbowlsoundhealer.com/

Rosemarie Catanese: Rosemarie sells her aprons at the Brownwood Farmer’s Market. She makes her aprons for adults and children in woven material and from towel.

Grace Cresciullo: Grace can be found at the Brownwood Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. She will be showing her uniquely designed jewelry.

Dowsers Unlimited: Dowsing books, gemstone and metal pendulums, bobbers and L-Rods. Shungite products direct from Karelia Russia, the only known place on Earth the stone can be found, a 2 billion year old molecular structure called fullerines, that protect cells of a human body from damaging effects of free radicals. Pyramids, spheres, bracelets, harmonizer cylinders, pendants, pendulums and phone protectors available. Shungite Pendulums available.

Karen Durham: Karen will be using quantum energies to remove the cause of ill health; assisting you in creating the healing of the body. Karen has been doing this type of healing work for 30 years.

Maritza Manresa: owns and operates “Fairy Dust Crystals and Such”. She will be bringing unique items from her store. For more information go to https://fairydustcrystals.com/

Mary Pedi: “One of a Kind Jewelry” Beautifully Handcrafted 925 Silver jewelry made with natural gemstones. Being made by hand, the artisan follows the matrix of the rough gemstone and creates a one-of-a-kind piece.

Fabian Pesci: Fabian is an Argentine transplant, is a local potter in Orlando, FL creating functional and beautiful works of art using his unique sense of design.  https://www.fabupottery.com/

Jean Schaich: Jean lives in The Villages and has pursued numerous healing modalities over the years. She will be sharing information on using stones and crystals for healing.