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Dowsers Unlimited Presents

Karen Durham
Wednesday, March 21, 4 PM

Unity Spiritual Center 509 CR 468 Fruitland Park, FL
Directions: http://www.dowsersunlimitedfl.com/unity-church-new-spiritual-home/

“Medical Miracles Transformational Images:
A Spiritual and Healing Experience for All”

Bring Your Pendulum to help yourself infuse the energy into your being.

Many of you know Karen as the founder of Dowsers Unlimited and former President of our ASD Chapter, but there is so much more you can learn from her.

Karen Durham has an extensive background of study and extraordinary journey into the Metaphysical with Masters in the fields of Radionics, Dowsing, Spiritual Healing and now Medical Miracles. For over 30 years Karen has continued to help those seeking restoration to their original Divine Blueprint.
She has studied with Sandee Mac, Ludie Larson of Little Farm Research, Hanna Kroeger of Kroeger Herbs, David Slater of Healers Who Share, Drunvalo Melchizedek of The Flower of Life, Connie Newton of Integrated Awareness and Master Dowser, Raymon Grace.

Karen has dedicated her metaphysical life to helping others find wellness from distorted energies. Her presentation, “Medical Miracles” will introduce us to quantum healing matrixes and their application. The frequencies that will be broadcast, with the use of your pendulum, has the capacity to eradicate diseases and health glitches caused by stress genetic flaws and mass consciousness programming. These multi-dimensional tools that Karen will be introducing are the first of their kind to stimulate the body’s natural healing ability.

The graphic below is one of 10 Medical Miracle Frequency Cures that Karen has chosen for our March Meeting.

Remember, Bring Your Pendulum to help yourself infuse the energy into your being

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At every meeting Karen conducts a free Yes/No Dowsing  Instruction (3:45)
Bring a new friend, receive a free pass.
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