Upcoming Speakers for Monthly Meetings


Sandee Mac Comes to The Villages

“Synchronicity, Ancestors and Pure Light Technology”

Wednesday, September 19, 2018, 4 PM
Unity Spiritual Center
#508 County Rd. 468, Fruitland Park FL 34731

Sandee’s Remaining Schedule

Full Day Workshop Friday September 28, 9:30-5:00. Hands On Healing YOU Can do Timeless…Powerful…Simple! 

The renowned healer HANNAH KROEGER, gathered these methods from multitude of sources & Sandee has taught them for decades. Sandee studied with her for many summers in Boulder & uses them in her practice. Imagine having these skills to heal the people near & dear to you; so whether you are already a health professional or just someone who wants the basic techniques to help others ………this class is for YOU! $125 @ the door, $97 Prepaid Contact Karen, 352-753-0622

September 24 and 25 Private Services  Reservations: 352-753-0622 Sandee will conduct personal services: Past Life Resolution, The Codes, Personal Growth, Trauma Resolution, Releasing Chronic Health Issue Concerns, Relationship issues and Energy Magic.

New Shungite Products will be available at our October Meeting:

Shungite Cell phone Stickers,
Shungite bracelets,  Elite Shungite Pendants, Large Circular and Oval Type 2 Pendants.

Pure-Light Technology bulbs will be available at the October Meeting. Remove allergens, mold, fungus, pathogens, MRSA, odors, cigarette smoke, bacteria  An air  purification system in a light bulb for home or business.

Upcoming Speakers

October 17,  JoEllen Blue “How to Protect Yourself and Home from Non Beneficial Energies” mini course in Community Room

November 21, Will Fellows

December 19, Susan Padgett, “Crystal Bowl Concert”

January 16,  2019, Jimmy Mack, “Deep Sea Fishing Healing”

February 20, 2019, Will Fellows, “The Year 2019 Astrological Interpretations”

March 20, 2019, Lynn Walker and Malcolm Speirs from Canada