New Venue starting January 2019

Dear Dowsers,

On December 12, you received the reminder newsletter and the announcement for the candidate for our new venue. The final rental agreement with UCC has now shown itself for being too expensive for our non-profit status and purposes, in which we would need to raise the love offering.

All is not lost; there is a back-up plan/venue in place; please stay tuned.


We have a new venue: American Legion Post 18, CR 44, Wildwood. We can afford their monthly price and will not need to raise the love offering of $3 per person, $2 with ASD Membership. Meetings will remain the third Wednesday of the month 3-6 PM.

Please note that American Society of Dowsers Membership for 2019 will be increasing. If you renew before 2019, you will get in on the same $50 membership that you have enjoyed for many years prior.