What is Broadcasting?

At the last two Dowsers Unlimited Meetings we performed dowsing exercises with the use of a pendulum in which we initiated a clockwise spin of the pendulum to “broadcast” or to send with intention beneficial energy to a person.

In hands-on healing traditions the energy system of the healer is opened through a process which gains access to a constant flow of life energy. This energy field can be and has been measured with scientific instrumentation.

How do I access the energy field?

We at Dowsers Unlimited start the process at the beginning of our meetings where we practice “Being in the Moment.” It is a simple exercise in which we first initiate relaxed breathing to release and to remove the tensions of the day. Next, with intention and imagination, we bring into our being a flow of life energy. Starting from the crown chakra, we move this Source energy to flow through us, around us and radiate through every cell of our being.
When this energy is directed, broadcast or sent to a person for his or her highest and best good, we are applying that energy to a person with the intention of helping him or her.

Where can I find more information about this process?
Please check out the short article, written by Mary called,
“The Dowsing State” on this site.