What is Dowsing and Basic Terms for Understanding

 Dowsers Unlimited is a Chapter of

The American Society of Dowsers

ASD states: “Dowsing is the name given to a method of questing or seeking information, and this information comes to the dowser through means other than the five senses “

There are 3 Types of Dowsing

Field Dowsing: most common kind of dowsing where a person is out in the field at a particular location and searching for water with the use of a Y-Rod, a forked stick that can point directly toward a water vein or target.

Remote/Map Dowsing: performed away from a physical location in advance of field dowsing. A map is often used. This technique of map dowsing allows the dowser to locate missing or lost objects on property or in the layout of a home. A pendulum is a more precise tool to use for this type of dowsing, which can pinpoint an area on a map.

Information Dowsing: this is where dowsing transitions into divining. The dowser is not looking for a hard target, a water vein or a lost ring, but rather trying to access the universal, energetic intelligence for information to answer questions.

Divine/Esoteric Dowsing: is deeper than just getting answers to questions. It is a daily opportunity to become more aware of our connection with the unified field where energy connects with everything. Other disciplines describe this energy as  Creator, God, Source, The Divine, Spirit, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and the like.

Handheld Devices: traditional tools of the dowser are Y-Rods, L-Rods, Bobber and Pendulum. All these devices are programmed to be a receiver for yes/no answers, determining direction, and or pointing.

Pendulum: is the most popular tool used .today, and it can be potentially programmed for multiple answers, as many as 360 if held over a circular chart. Example: Raymon Grace Circular Dowsing Chart. The Pendulum is easy to carry, to use, and it exerts a quick response.

Energy and Moving Energy

Everything visible or invisible is Energy: We are energy and our frequency makes us appear solid.

Visible energy makes up 1 % of our universe, and invisible energy is 99 % of our universe.

Scrambling or transmuting/neutralizing energy: is the act of initiating a CCW (counter clockwise) spin of your pendulum with the pure and focused intention of removing non-beneficial energies, attachments, thought patterns, fears and limiting core beliefs thus giving them a destination to leave our field of influence to a higher dimension for the highest and best good for an individual and of all creation.

Broadcasting energy (frequencies/vibrations/rates/prayers): is the act of initiating a CW (clockwise) spin of your pendulum with the pure and focused intention of instilling beneficial energy (frequencies/vibrations/rates/prayers) for the highest and best good for an individual, a place, an animal and the highest good of all creation.