From Raymon’s: Techniques That Work For Me

“A force that seems to be affecting large numbers of people is what I call ‘out of balance’ with the energy of the Earth. Perhaps when the energy of the Earth is changed, we are then out of balance with it. It is not something you did or didn’t do; it is simply that things changed.” (Raymon)

Each day use your dowsing system and ask, “to what degree are you, your family, home and business in balance with the energy of the earth? “

  • With your pendulum in the neutral position with a slight up and down motion at the middle bottom opening in the chart, ask the above question. Then allow the pendulum to swing and stop at the percentage.

Out of Balance Energetically page 7:

If less than 100% ask your dowsing system to bring you, your family, home and business back into total balance with the Earth energies. Swing pendulum or bobber clockwise until it stops. Check again if you have raised the balance to 100%. Repeat if necessary.

Use percentage chart to check the degree you, your family, home and business are in Balance Energetically with the Earth.